Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Best Napoletana Pizza in America

Antonio Pace, in 1984, created the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN), to create a standard protocol for the creation of authentic Neapolitan pizza.

Today the VPN is backed by the Italian government and certifies restaurants that produce authentic Neapolitan pizza around the world.

Ten of the best Pizzeria's that stick to VPN protocol from around the U.S., as voted by the Professional Travel Guide.

According to the VPN, pizza that meets the Napoletana protocol is composed of fresh dough, buffalo mozzarella, extra-virgin olive oil and San Marzano tomatoes.

1) Cavalli Pizza - Dallas, Texas.

2) Flatbread Community Oven - Boise, Idaho

3) Via Tribunali - Seattle, Washington

4) Tutta Bella - Seattle, Washington

5) 2 Amy's - Macomb Street storefront in northwest Washington D.C.

6) Punch Neapolitan Pizza - Highland Park, St. Paul, Minnesota. Second location just opened on Grand Avenue.

7) A16 - San Francisco, named for the autostrada that runs through southern Italy.

8) Antica Pizzeria - Marina del Rey, California.

9) La Pizza Fresca Ristorante - New York City

10) Fritti - Sister-restaurant to Sotto Sotto next door, Atlanta, Georgia.

Click Professional Travel Guide to read more about each location.

To visit the home of the first pizzza Margherita, named after King Umberto's wife, Margherita, click to visit Brandi Pizzeria, Naples, Italy. To learn more about today's new invention, vending machine pizza, which claims taking real hands off the dough still produces great pizza, click for the full story after the jump More >

Buon Appetito!

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