Friday, November 7, 2008

Italy Travel: Best Deal to Rome

Good morning Web Vision Italy subscribers!

If you are dreaming of Italy then Web Vision Italy has very good travel news for you:

$699 Rome round trip airfare and that includes 6 nights hotel!

That is correct - Dooley Vacations is offering round trip airfare and 6 nights hotel in Rome for $699 total.

But offer expires November 14, 2008. Visit Dooley's website and book now. This offer expires November 14.

Want to stay in Italy for longer than 6 nights? Ciao Italy Travel, Web Vision Italy's sponsor for years, will be happy to help you. Guido D'Ugo and his team will arrange a wonderful Italy vacation for you, your favorite people, and groups.

If you haven't been to Web Vision Italy's website recently now is a great time to see some new shows.

Isabella Dusi, author of Vanilla Beans and Brodo and Montalcino resident, launched on Web Vision Italy her new Italy travel television series On Tour with Isabella Dusi.

Isabella brings Web Vision Italy's viewers to Tuscany, Emilia Romagna, and Veneto to meet the people, taste their food and enjoy the history of Italy.

For more information about Web Vision Italy's and Isabella's 2009 group tours in Italy send an email to: and type "Dusi 2009" in subject.

Buon Viaggio,
Web Vision Italy Editors

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