Thursday, October 23, 2008

Italy Travel: 23 days traveling in Italy, then an anglo newspaper

Lake Como, Florence, Rome, Montalcino, Rome - we are on our way home.

Saw this today:

Euro-enthusiasts can be astonishingly parochial
Posted By: Daniel Hannan at Oct 23, 2008 at 18:34:27 [General]
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Talking of ridiculous arguments for the EU, check out this one from the new Europe minister, Caroline Flint (hat-tip, Open Europe): "Britain is an island nation, but our instinct is international - we shop at European fashion shops, we eat at pizzerias, we holiday on the Mediterranean. So why do people distrust the European Union and feel distant from its institutions?"

Pizza and the EU are not really the same thing

Er, let me see, minister. Could it be that those institutions are remote and self-serving? Could it be that the EU has become a racket, whose chief purpose is to transfer money from taxpayers to its employees?

Could it be that we Euro-sceptics are genuine internationalists? That it is precisely because we like other countries and speak their languages that we cheer their patriotism and respect their independence?

If, by contrast, your idea of being cosmopolitan is eating at a pizzeria, it's perhaps no surprise that you over-compensate by adopting an uncritical attitude to the EU.

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So tell us in your opinion, is the age of nations over?

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