Saturday, October 18, 2008

Italy Vacations - On Tour with Isabella Dusi - Emilia Romagna

On Tour with Isabella Dusi - Emilia Romagna

Italy vacations with Isabella Dusi in June Web Vision Italy arrived in Parma from Lucca. We'll cover the Tuscany hill towns with Isabella Dusi in another blog.

We stayed in Parma three days visiting Prosciutto di Parma farms, Parmigiano Reggiano farms, and balsamic vinegar distilleries.

Parma was our base for Emilia Romagna. We also traveled to Modena, but skipped Bologna this trip.

Sipping Brunello in Montalcino today enjoying our Italy vacation, while having a look at the Italy cutting room floor that the Web Vision Italy crew produced in Parma in June, and plotting 2009's productions from... can you guess where?

Parma's Piazza Garibaldi yellow color is native to Parma and the sun dial on the building makes Parma's centro storico one of the most picturesque squares in Italy.

The crew works hard to film, produce, edit, and post it on the web for the world's enjoyment. Our passion for Italy is really making the whole Web Vision Italy project possible and so much fun.

We have interns blogging and editing, being mentored by Hollywood video producers and directors, all contributing to a common passion about Italy.

For more about traveling in Italy with Isabella Dusi and Web Vision Italy send an email to:

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