Tuesday, October 28, 2008

why gelato?

Does Italy celebrate Halloween?

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Forget sugar this year folks - go for gelato.

WhyGelato.com? Because Cold Is Hot!
Great News for Gelato Lovers - A Web Site Just for You

Last update: 10:28 a.m. EDT Oct. 28, 2008
CONCORD, N.C., Oct 28, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- WhyGelato.com? Because it made Mona Lisa smile. Maybe because Italy's too far away. No, it's definitely because it was love at first taste. Whatever your answer, the reasons for WhyGelato.com are endless. If gelato is your passion, or you've just heard about it but never had a taste, WhyGelato.com is the Web site for you.

Launching this week, WhyGelato.com is a gelato-inspired resource for anyone and everyone interested in gelato and looking to learn more about the delicious frozen treat - including where to find and enjoy it.

Sometimes referred to as Italian ice cream, gelato is known for its intense flavors, creaminess and artisanal qualities. Gelato means "frozen" in Italian and is something Italians consider a part of everyday life - partly because of its nutritional value and partly because enjoying gelato usually includes family and friends, and fun.

WhyGelato.com features the following and much, much more:

-- Find a Gelato Provider Near You: Whether you're in Charlotte, Tampa, St. Louis, Columbus or countless other cities across the country, you'll find the perfect place to indulge your passion for everything gelato - and the list continues to grow every day. In fact, gelato shops, pizza places, Italian restaurants, coffee shops, frozen yogurt shops and other spots that serve fresh gelato are invited to fill in their location information so no matter where you are, you can find gelato nearby.

-- Events & Extras: Want to wear or celebrate all things gelato? Look no further for gelato events nationwide and great WhyGelato.com merchandise. You can buy brightly colored T-shirts with the answers to WhyGelato.com? such as, "because cold is hot" and "because good taste never goes out of style."

-- Around the World: One gelato experience inspires another, so if you've found or are looking for the perfect place to enjoy gelato, this is where you can share your own or hear someone else's gelato story. You can even add a photo! Think of the smiles you'll bring when you give people the scoop on that special gelato shop you and your friends meet at on Saturday afternoons, and imagine how fun it would be to hear about someone else's gelato crawl.

-- Gelato 101: Did you know that gelato dates back to ancient times or that it's made from just a few natural ingredients? If not, check out Gelato 101 to learn about the history, ingredients, how it's made and why it's good for you.

-- Flavors: It's not just about chocolate, vanilla and strawberry anymore. Kiwi, coconut, hazelnut, tiramisu and even bubble gum have made their way into modern gelato. You can even discover what your favorite flavor says about you.

-- Gelato News: Want to read the latest gelato news and sign up for a WhyGelato.com e-Newsletter? Look no further.

WhyGelato.com is sponsored by PreGel AMERICA, a global specialty dessert company founded in 1967 in Reggio Emilia, Italy. PreGel AMERICA developed WhyGelato.com to educate consumers on all things gelato and further the gelato industry. PreGel develops, manufactures and distributes natural ingredients, toppings and fillings of the highest quality from Italy including flavors, powders and pastes used in gelato, frozen yogurt, sorbetto, semifreddos, pastries and much more. The company's U.S. headquarters is in Concord, N.C., just Northeast of Charlotte.

"Gelato has been part of my life, my culture and my family for over 100 years, and my goal in life is to bring the passion Italians have for gelato to America," said PreGel AMERICA President and CEO Marco Casol, who was born in Italy and is an accomplished gelato master. "We developed WhyGelato.com to start a vibrant gelato community online for gelato lovers, people who serve gelato and people who just want to know more. As I travel the country and the world, I know from experience that once people taste and experience gelato, they become passionate gelato lovers who will go to great lengths to find it. I almost feel as if it's my duty to make the gelato experience available to everyone."

For more on travel to Italy visit Web Vision Italy the best Italy video.


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