Sunday, November 2, 2008

Beckham going to AC Milan Spring 2009

Italy vacations to Milan Spring 2009 think about checking out AC Milan soccer match now that David Beckham's move from LA Galaxy to AC Milan is confirmed.

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Galaxy player is expected to return for the start of the MLS season in March.
By Grahame L. Jones
October 31, 2008
David Beckham's move from the Galaxy to AC Milan was finalized Thursday, with the England national team midfielder set to join the Italian club on loan for January and February.

The exact starting and ending dates of the loan were left unclear, however, as were most other pertinent details.

For example, neither club would reveal who would pay Beckham's $541,667-a-month salary during his absence from Los Angeles. Nor would they comment on the specifics of "a technical partnership" being formed between the Galaxy and AC Milan, or whether the Galaxy would financially benefit from lending its top player.

"Terms of the agreement will remain confidential," said a joint statement issued by the Major League Soccer and Serie A teams.

According to AC Milan's website: "The English player [David Beckham] will be a Rossonero (red and black) from Jan. 7, 2009."

Jones is a Times staff writer.

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