Tuesday, November 11, 2008

3 Days in Rome: How to Buy Vatican Museum Ticket Online

Vatican Museum tickets are available online for those of wondering how to buy a ticket to the Vatican Museum online.

Vatican Museum tickets online, announced by http://www.WebVisionItaly.com intern brigade, Motorino, on Vatican website Pay 4 Euro fee in addition to cost of entrance to reserve time to enter Vatican Museum and purchase online Vatican Museum entrance ticket. Guided tour not included, rather this is time reservation to enter Vatican Museum and to buy ticket online to Vatican Museum.

*note: Buy child ticket at time of entry.

Author: Motorino (Click here to Book Vatican Ticket )

If you decide to skip Vatican Museum you may want to go inside St. Peter's Basilica to see Bernini's sculptures, architecture, painting, and bas relief and Michelangelo's Pieta.

Be sure to go inside Pantheon. Enjoy Raphael. I know money is tight, but consider a drink atop the Raphael Hotel, just west of Piazza Navona. It's an authentic Roman view. And nice Raphael's inside the hotel. 2 drinks = 20 euro.

If you decide to see the forum get an audio guide otherwise it is tough to understand.

My favorite time for Trevi Fountain is late at night when there are less people. Throw a coin in - then you'll return to Rome.

To take night picture turn off flash and place camera on wall so it does not shake. You will find the fountain with its own light is perfect back light for picture - much better than with the flash.

You'll found nice Rome trattoria around Via del Governo Vecchio and Via della Pace, just west of Piazza Navona. Try to find something small and local, nice organic local food versus menus with lots of items. Eat fresh and seasonal.

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