Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Cadenabbia, Italy Right Now - October 2008 Lake Como and the Lakes Tour

Trains, boats, and planes. When we get to Italy, we'll be on a plane, a train, and a boat. Rome > Milan > Cadenabbia on Lake Como.

Join us for our travels to the Lake Country bodering the Alps, by train to Florence, by train to Rome, and train and car to Montalcino. Stay tuned.

It's a challenge to pack for 23 days in Italy in a 24 X 16 carry-on and a tastefuly large handbag, but incredebly liberating. Contents include 2 pair of black pants, a black dress, a body-hunging black skirt, a black cashmere sweater, a black cashmere sweater-wrap, several camisoles, and 1, repeat, 1 pair of comfortable evening shoes, a cashmere scarf, 1 pair earrings for day and a smashing pair for night, and one of your nicer necklaces, and that's it for jewelry.

How to streamline cosmetics. I'll be travelling to 5 different areas. The first day in each city, I have my hair washed and styled, thus eliminating packing any hair products, and I look and feel great. And I bring that which needs to be cleaned to the local lavanderia. By the way, your clothes will never be so pampered.

Hint. If you don't check a bag, you are ready for any flight cancellation - just take your bag and you are first in line at the substitute flight.

My 1 pet peeve: I bring my own airline-size down pillow and mini-size cashmere blanket. I am prepared for any uncomfortable terminal, any plane, any train, or hotel. When I am on vacation, it's all about me feeling good and the elimination of stress.

We are ready to board.

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