Sunday, August 3, 2008

Montalcino: A travel back in time

In this hilltop village there lies history and culture that can be dated back to 9 A.D. This village is situated in the province of Siena a little west of Pienza. This picturesque village creates an ambiance of a simpler time. The meandering network of roads and alleys add to the rustic atmosphere. The medieval castle adds to the aesthetic beauty of the city. From atop the castle a view of the city and countryside is nothing less than breathtaking. The wine coming out of this quaint village is another amazing aspect. This Tuscan wine is nothing short of superb. The nutrients and environment of the Tuscan landscape creates a wine that pleases the mind, body and soul.

If you want more information about the province of Siena or Montalcino visit Web Vision Italy.


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