Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Piazzale Roma Transfer to Venice and Train Station

Piazzale Roma is the public bus terminal and parking area in Venice. Parking facilities are available at Piazzale Roma. Information can be found on the Azienda Servizi Mobilità S.p.a. website.

Here's a video about public transportation in Venice - how to ride the boats.

You may take a private water taxi or use the public water-bus service in order to arrive to your final destination within the City

Public Water Transport In From Piazzale Roma - Venice
The vaporettos, or public water-buses, run 24 hours a day, less frequently after midnight. A number of lines travel on different routes at varying speeds, throughout the City. You will need to buy a ticket before boarding. Tickets cost € 3,50 for a one way journey, and € 5,00 if traveling along the Gran Canal. The ticket does not include the supplement you will need if you have luggage. A three day pass costs € 22,00.

The main vaporetto numbers are:

o Number 1 - Piazzale Roma to Venezia Lido. This boat stops at every stop along the Grand Canal.
o Number 82 - a circular route that runs throughout Venice, leaving in two directions from Piazzale Roma. Anti-clockwise to Piazza San Marco stopping at Tronchetto, the Island of Giudecca, Zattere and Piazza San Marco. Clockwise, travelling along the Grand Canal with stops at Rialto, Accademia, Piazza San Marco and the last stop at the Lido.
o Number 41 - a circular anticlockwise route around Venice, which stops at the island of Giudecca, Piazza San Marco, Murano, Fondamenta Nuove and Piazzale Roma.
o Number 42 - a circular clockwise route around Venice. The boat does not travel through the Grand Canal but goes around the north of Venice stopping at Ferrovia, Tre Archi, Fondamenta Nuove, Murano, San Marco, and Piazzale Roma.
o Number 51 - a circular route going clockwise, stopping at Piazzale Roma, Ferrovia, Tre Archi, Fondamenta Nuove, Hospital, and Lido.
o Number 52 - a circular route travelling anticlockwise stopping at Zattere, San Marco, Lido. From the Lido it continues anticlockwise to the hospital, Fondamenta Nuove , Ferrovia and Piazzale Roma
o Number 61 and Number 62, which travel only between Piazzale Roma and Lido, with stops at Zattere, and San Marco.
o Number 3 and 4 travel exclusively between Tronchetto and San Marco via the Grand Canal with stops at Piazzale Roma, Ferrovia, San Samuele, San Marco and Tronchetto.

There are many landing stages (docks) at Piazzale Roma, so be sure to ask before you board the vaporetto that it is going in the right direction. For further information on the Vaporetto services within the City Centre check the ACTV website.


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