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Italy Travel-Caffes of Turin (Torino)

Turin (Torino) caffes have been a hotbed of new style and ideas since ideas were acceptable. Its architecture reflects the political and social experiments of the day. The best remain, which in Turin are endless cafes inside endless porticoes.

Pub crawl or pub golf in Turin is not difficult.

Turin's caffes are most famous for its coffee and hot chocolate:
pur e fiur (coffee and cream)
pur e barba (coffee and chocolate)
Bicerin (coffee, chocolate, and cream)

Bicerin: pour coffee into the cup first, followed by smooth chocolate and a layer of cold cream.

Click here for a video of Turin and history of chocolate in Turin.

Bicerin, originally called e‘n poc de tut is the most popular.

We love to go on a café crawl to compare drinks and atmospheres. Turin is home to four of Italy’s 18 best cafés, as chosen by Italy’s gastronomic bible Il Gambero Rosso. Try all of the Gambero Rosso-chosen cafés— Baratti & Milano, Platti, Mulassano and Neuv Caval 'd Brons. Also, you must check out Al Bicerin and Caffé Torino. But if you have only time for three, don’t miss these:

Caffé Baratti & Milano, Piazza Castello 27, Turin
Baratti chocolate take it in the cafe. Take home a bag of sweets and creamy gianduiotti, Turin’s hazelnut flavoured chocolates.

Caffé Al Bicerin, piazza della Consolata 5, Turin
Al Bicerin is the place to have a drink and soak up Turin’s history. Bicerin was first invented in the late 18th century, and became popular with the aristocrats, who would go after Sunday Mass for an after homily caffeine pick me up. Cavour, the political mastermind of the Italian unification, was a regular during Sunday Mass in Turin. Don't let the history fool you into thinking this place doesn't know how to serve espresso.

Caffé Mulassano, Piazza Castello 15, Turin
The Mulassano espresso is one of the best in town.

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