Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Sicily Tours Experience Mt Etna's Awe

Recent tourists to Sicily have been treated to Mt Etna's volcanic eruption show.  Europe's most active volcano has been rumbling for a few weeks now. 

"We are so happy to see this amazing show," said Connie and Mack Lewis along their Sicily tour.

Mt Etna is always active.  The last big eruptions were about 10 years ago.

"Today no one is at risk," said Sicily volcano experts.  Nevertheless ash showers have become common over Sicily since the latest eruptions began in October 2013.

There are towns along the slopes of Mt Etna that should be cautious.  But no one is expecting a poison cloud to come down the slopes.

Air travel from Catania has be re routed so as to avoid ash clouds. Otherwise, it is business as usual on the gorgeous Mediterranean island known for its vast beaches, ancient Greek Temples, fine food, and storied history.

"It is always a good time to visit Sicily," said Gianfranco Pierro from his home in Taormina overlooking the exploding mountain. "For 2500 years this mountain has given us life, good food, fine wine, and spirit," he said while sipping a local Sicilian wine from grapes grown right on Etna's slopes/ "These wines are made from the most fertile soil on earth. And now she is giving us yet more bountiful soil to fertilize our land."

Those planning a vacation to Sicily may keep watch on the volcano but should not be too worried.  Sicily tours have been running for thousands of years with Mt Etna one of the main Sicily sightseeing highlights.


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