Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Where to Buy a Train Ticket for Italian Train

With Rome police reporting today the confiscation of 28 million euros of fraudulent train tickets it makes sense to remind Italy tourists where to buy a train ticket ticket for Italian train service.

The tickets were on their way from China to Italy to travel companies to use with tourists or to sell on the street.

You should always buy a train ticket from a certified Italian travel agency. This can be done in the United States from your travel agent before you leave. or in Italy you may find official travel agencies with offices around various cities including Rome, Florence, and Venice.

In Italy you may also buy a train ticket at a local train station from a vending machine or from a live person at the kiosk.  

Whatever you do, do not buy a train ticket from someone on the street. And always get a receipt if you buy your Italian train ticket from a travel agency. This way you have proof you believed you purchased an authentic Italy train ticket.

For more about riding trains in Italy check out this video.

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