Saturday, July 4, 2009

Argentine Parrillada 4th of July BBQ

During the immigration from Italy in the 1890s and early 1900s Italians from southern Italy immigrated to United States and Argentina. Sometimes immigrants just got on the ship without regard to the destination New York Ellis Island or Buenos Aires La Boca. The southern Italian immigrant to the Americas was just happy to be leaving a crushing system of government and property ownership. For this reason, many brilliant people left Italy for Buenos Aires and the United States contributing immensely to the cultures of both of these nations.

On July 4th, Motorino Man and Side Car celebrate Independence Day in the United States with a classic Parrillada, a cookout, in the style of Side Car's hometown Buenos Aires.

July 4th parillada begins with a classic Buenos Aires appetizer provoletta, which is provolone cheese grilled in a cast iron pan with some oregano and tomato. Just a few mouth-watering bites of the provoletta is plenty for Motorino Man. Accompanying our starter is a nice Pinot Noir from Argentine vintner Luigi Bosca. The Italian immigrants to Buenos Aires found a climate and land not very different from what they left in Italy, and therefore carried on many of the food and culinary traditions found on the Italic peninsula.

Following the provoletta we are indulging in giant mouth watering New York strip steaks. This will go great with the Bosca wine also.

Buenos Aires is of course famous for its steaks and meat. A New Strip in Buenos Aires is called a bife de chorizo. We'll enjoy the steak with an arugola salad and grilled pepper.

Despite Argentina's past as huge beef exporter, today Uruguay is the regions biggest exporter of beef despite its tiny size. In fact, next year Argentina will import wheat for the first time since records began (Economist magazine, July 4, 2009).

This July 4th and every 4th of July Motorino Man and Side Car thank our countries, United States and Argentina respectively, for welcoming our families and providing an environment at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century that allowed our families and millions of other families to follow their dreams to live in freedom to pursue happiness and prosper.

To see ship manifests and find your family member who arrived at Ellis Island visit Ellis Island records website.

After a good 100 years in both countries, Motorino Man and Side Car now call all three countries home - United States, Argentina, and Italy. All three countries have political and financial problems that will need to be addressed in this century.

Happy birthday United States of America. May she find a way to continue the great vision the founders set out for her - to be a beacon of liberty, truth, and justice, a land that allows all people to pursue happiness without government interference, as the blessings of liberty are an extension of the blessings of God. Happy Independence Day to you and your family.

For more about Italian cooking and recipes visit the WebVisionItaly Italian Cooking Channel.

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