Thursday, June 11, 2009

Pizza Margherita: Naples celebrates 120 Years of Margherita Pizza

Pizza Margherita: Naples Italy celebrates 120 Years of Margherita Pizza

Naples celebrated yesterday, June 11, the great celebration of the birthday and creation of the Pizza Margherita in Naples, modeled after the colors of the Italian flag; green, white, and red.

Queen Margherita of Savoy in 1889 asked the Naples celebrity chef Raffaele Esposito Brandi for a special meal that would satisfy her and the hungry population. Chef Raffaele Esposito Brandi decided to create hot bread with some vegetables that resembled the Italian flag. The chef used three basic organic local food ingredients famous in Campania and around the Amalfi Coast; green basil, white mozzarella, and red tomato.

With the name of the queen the famous chef exported around the world the famous pizza Margherita.

Yesterday the city of Naples celebrated June 11, 2009 the 120th birthday of Brandi Pizzeria's invention of the Pizza Margherita where Raffaele Esposito Brandi cooked for Queen Margherita in 1889 pizza Margherita with a big pizza parade through the streets of Naples.

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