Sunday, May 17, 2009

Giro d'Italia Stage 9-100th Giro Soft-Peddles Through Milan

Not without controversy the 100th anniversary Milano circuit finished today with team Columbia finishing the 10 lap, 160km circuit first while Danilo De Luca maintained the pink jersey after it was decided individual stage times would not count today due to the urban nature of the stage 9 Giro d'Italia Milan circuit.

The Giro d'Italia typically ends in Milan, but as it is the 100th anniversay of the Giro d'Italia the cyclist will finish entering The Eternal City Rome on May 31.

In the fourth lap, after 40 miles, the cyclists stopped at the finish line, stopping the race, while Danilo DeLuca explained to the audience why the riders had collectively protested the race course thus neutalizing the race and slowing the overall tempo of the race to casual.

LPR's Danilo Di Luca, flanked by seven-times Tour De France winner Lance Armstrong, tried his best to explain the decision. "We did not believe today's route was very safe for our health," said race leader and 2007 Giro d'Italia winner di Luca. "Because of this we asked and obtained an annulment of the ninth stage times from the course directors. We apologise to the public, we hope they can understand our wishes. We move forward."

So the riders took it easy in Milan peddling the paces rather than competing on a Sunday through Milan's streets, lowering the average speed to about 25 mph.

In the last lap there was an exciting sprint to the finish with Team Columbia-Highroad, just an incredible cycling team, continued its winning habit with sprint superstar Mark Cavendish finishing first taking the stage today achieveing his own personal goals, although no points were awarded.

The Giro d'Italia first happened in Milan 100 years ago, making today's Milan circuit extra special. The race today began in Piazza Duomo, where soccer club Inter celebrated last night's win and AC Milan's loss creating even more excitement in Milan's Piazza Duomo this Sunday morning. The racers then headed toward the Sforza Castle before entering the circuit for 10 laps.

For more Milan, Bergamo and Italian lakes video visit's Lombardy Channel.

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