Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Giorgio Armani: New York Store Opens and Armani Blogs

After 35 years in fashion, Giorgio Armani opened has his own store on New York's Fifth Avenue across the street from Bergdorf. As Giorgio says about his accomplishment, "Look what happens when you have a dream!"

To read more about what Giorgio Armani has to say during New York Fashion week and among the collapsing economy, read his For the Moment by Giorgio Armani in the New York Times after the jump.

For the Moment blog by Giorgio Armani,
New York Fashion Week, February 2009

For the Moment Giorgio Armani Takes Manhattan

For the Moment Giorgio Armani in the Bronx

For more video of the Italian designers in New York Fashion Week Fall 2009/2010 visit Fashion Channel, the only Internet TV network about Italy.

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