Sunday, January 25, 2009

Who's Buying Chrysler? Fiat?

Well they say there are silver linings in all things and with Chrysler's demise comes Fiat's solid entrance into the American market with the backing of governments and our banks.

I have to smile because of my memories of hopping into the boot of our 1974 Fiat convertible, cruising top down in what seems now the gold old days, riding in what was the first car I remember. We loved the convertible so much next came the four door, which was our last when it fell apart after over heating one day while driving to Cape Cod. Since then its been VWs.

Fiat benefits from the deal with Chrysler because it gains distribution for its Fiat 500s to sell in Chrysler's car dealerships around the United States. Both Fiat and Chrysler need their taxpayers money to stay afloat. And maybe if the little Fiat 500 can give the VW a run for its money, well maybe there will manufacturing jobs to build Fiat 500s on Chrysler's lines in Detroit and around the U.S. does hope Chrysler and Fiat can get from here to there without the government's money. is looking forward to the Fiat 500's entrance to the United States - it's been to long!

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