Sunday, January 23, 2011

Italy Travel Tip - Traveling to Calabria

Italy travel to Calabria - San Demetrio Corone

If you intend to experience real Italian culture, then you must visit San Demetrio Corone, a small village located in the region of Calabria, south Italy.

I definitely suggest taking a coach bus that takes you directly from Rome to San Demetrio Corone. Don't take the train because San Demetrio doesn't have a train station and the closest one is located 45 minutes away.

During my summer study abroad program in San Demetrio Corone, Calabria, I made the biggest mistake to take the train from Rome to get there. Although Italy train travel is very efficient among cities and in northern Italy, traveling Italy to Calabria is a different story. After an 8 hr. train ride and a 45 min. drive...I just couldn't take it anymore, all I wanted was to get there.

Nevertheless my experience in Calabria was unforgettable, and a once in a lifetime opportunity!

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Thanks for this very informative post Italy travel tip - Travelling to Calabaria. It contains many important details and interesting information about this unknown me place.


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