Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Italian Fashion Trends 2011: Milan Fashion Week

Bold colors and long skirts is the biggest news off the spring-summer 2011 Italian Fashion runway shows from Milan.

The mini skirt has all but disappeared from the runway, not surprising maybe given the economic trends, replaced by hemlines that fall around or below the knee. Long skirts are also very popular. It is said that fashion trends precede economic trends with below the knee hemlines signaling more recession and shorts and mini skirt pointing toward a coming economic rebound. If the Italian Fashion trends for 2011 are a guide, the economy has more work do.

In keeping with this new look, which already made its first appearance on the Italian fashion show runway for the upcoming winter 2011, the Italian designers do away with short shorts and most trousers.

Italian designer Giorgio Armani based his new collection on the new hemline.

The latest Emporio Armani collection is the stretch tulle skirt, which hangs down like a slip, providing a covering layer for above the knee skirts and mini dresses, both by day and by night.

Armani was one of the few designers who featured shorts in his second line collection, aimed at the younger set. Many of his ultra-light jackets were paired with a pair of just-above-the-knee Bermuda shorts.

Bottega Veneta treated the Italian fashion crowd to a show where everything was as light as a feather, and almost every skirt began somewhere from the knee down. The ultra-wide evening gowns had hemlines so long they could double for a train.

Earlier in the week, Italian designer Donatella Versace, great fan of the mini skirt, yanked her hemline several inches below the knee, to create a prim ladylike look for Versace summer 2011.

Underlining the Summer 2011 Italian fashion trend, Versace traded in her trademark tight black pants with matching glittery top, for a simple below the knee black cocktail dress, for her runway bow.

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