Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Books about Tuscany, Umbria, The Marches

Books about Tuscany, Umbria, The Marches

Vanilla Beans & Brodo, Real Life in the Hills of Tuscany by Isabella Dusi (2001)

Bel Vino, a Year of Sundrenched Pleasure Among the Vines of Tuscany by Isabella Dusi (2004)

Francis of Assisi, A Revolutionary Life by Adrian House (2000)

A Tuscan Childhood by Kinta Beevor (1993)

After Hannibal by Barry Unsworth (novel 1997)

Valley in Italy, The Many Seasons of a Villa in Umbria by Lisa St Aubin De Teran (1994)

The Collected Traveler Central Italy Tuscan & Umbria Anthology by Barrie Kerper (2000)

The Umbrian Cities of Italy by JW &AM Cruickshank (1907)

Pietro's Book,The Story of a Tuscan Peasant by Pietro Pinti & Jenny Bawtree (2003)

Pasquale's Nose, Idle Days in an Italian Town by Michael Rips (2001)

A Vineyard in Tuscany, A Wine Lover’s Dream by Ferenc Mate (2007

The Hills Of Tuscany, A New Life in an Old Land by Ferenc Mate (1998)

A Thousand Days in Tuscany by Marlena De Blasi (2004)

Bella Tuscany,The Sweet Life in Italy by Frances Mayes (1999)

A Garden in Lucca, Finding Paradise in Tuscany by Paul Gervais (

A Companion to Lucca by Andreas Prindl (2000)

In Maremma, Life and the House in Southern Tuscany by David Leavitt and Mark Mitchell (2001)

Notes from an Italian Garden by Joan Marble (2000)

Living in a Foreign Language, A Memoir of Food, Wine, and Love in Italy by Michael Tucker (2007)

Mother Tongue, An American Life in Italy by Wallis Wilde Menozzi (1997)

Straddling the Borders, The Year I Grew Up in Italy by Martha T. Cummings (1999)

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