Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Top Rated Italy Tour Package

Italy tours are popular among destination travelers for fantastic reasons. Italy's rich history has made it a country full of the world's best art, lovely design, heavenly culinary practices, and fun folk all of which make it a destination that offers something appealing to everyone who goes on a tour of Italy.

Today Italy is divided into 20 regions each with a long and unique history that led to each region's development of local customs. When touring Italy the traveler will note these regional differences not just in the geography but in the food and the language also. It is for these plain differences that Italy is a country that affords the traveler unique experiences day by day in each area.

The most highly rated Italy Tour Package is the Venice, Florence, and Rome guided tour of Italy. Considered Italy's Big 3 visitor towns they're all wonderful destinations for their natural beauty as well as for their man made beauty which is the result of each town being the wealthiest and strongest city in the world at one time.

Venice Italy in the area of Veneto in Italy's northeast is a fascinating town since its main method of transport is over water via boat thru the canals and also as the successor of the Doge, the Prince, who took a little tax from the Venetian citizens who were noted as smart merchants who traded with the whole world. So rich was Venice its cash was gold for over 500 years. The traveler to Italy always is crazy about Venice's magical qualities.

Florence Italy in the area of Tuscany is located on the banks of the Arno river in the shadows of Tuscany's sweeping hills where some of the world's finest wine is grown. 500 years back Florence provided a home to the Medici family, the wealthiest family in the world at the time given their relationship with the Pope for whom they were the financiers. The family's funding of local workmen fueled what today is known as the Renaissance when humanity took a giant jump leap from the dark ages towards the age of enlightenment. This history is manifest in the design of the city and in the city's art museums where some of the world's best art lives. Florentine food mixed with Tuscan wine just adds to the glorious flavor of this town. There's so much in our lives today that started in Florence during the Renaissance the traveler always leaves with an enriched soul.

Rome Italy in the region of Lazio is the home of the Roman Empire the longest controlling empire in history maintaining its power for over 700 years from 300BC to 400AD. Besides walking the traditional cobblestones while marveling the architecture of the ancient Romans Rome is also a modern city full of fun caffes and trattorie to enjoy. Rome is also home of The Vatican, which art collection is among the largest in the world having been built up during the Papacy's long history. The Vatican is a city state inside Rome. Rome offers the traveler so much to do that many Italy tour packages will spend at least 3 days or more in Rome with 2 to 3 days in Florence and Venice.

For all of these reasons and a lot more the Venice, Florence, Rome tour is the most well-liked of all Italy tour packages.

Justin Del Sesto is a longtime Italy travel guide and the founder and the owner of and an Italy travel agency focused on Italy tours and cruises around Italy. On the websites you will find plenty of options for an Italy tour to Venice, Florence, and Rome. He is also the producer of the only Internet television network about Italy travel.

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